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Since I bet the NFC team (which wound up being the LA Rams) +2.5 +105 two days before the AFC and NFC Championship games and the Cincinnati Bengals +4 -110 on the night of the two Championship games, I won both of my side bets on the Super Bowl and hence I successfully middled the game.  I bet both of those side bets at 1.25 of a standard play each, so I won a total of +2.5625 of a standard play on my two Super Bowl side bets.  However, since this was a middle attempt neither of those wins will be counted as part of my official record.  I also added a very late money line play (15 minutes before the game began) on the Cincinnati Bengals +185 due to the fact that the line unexpectedly moved up on the game (both in terms of the money line as well as the pointspread, as it moved up to +4.5 shortly before kickoff).  I obviously got a loss on that bet, but the good news is that I only bet 1/4 of a standard play on it.  So overall I made a net profit of +2.3125 of a standard play on the Super Bowl, albeit had no official play on the Super Bowl.  So during the two weekends of the two Championship games PLUS the Super 
Bowl, I had no official plays but nevertheless still made a net profit of +3.5625 of a standard play during the last two weekends of NFL action.
So in regards to my season recap, there is bad news and good news.  The bad news is that I only went 49-55-1 (47.1%) on my official plays during the 2021-2022 NFL season, as I went a paltry 35-42 on my side plays and 14-13-1 on my teaser plays (all the standard 2 teams, 6 points).  It was one of my worst seasons ever in my 24 years of betting on the NFL, as I have only had two seasons where I ended the season hitting on less than 47% of my plays (2015 when I only won 46% of my plays and 2019 when I only won 41.4% of my plays).
The good news is that I did much better on my unofficial plays than I did on my official plays.  Based solely on my record on my official plays, one would expect me to have incurred a net loss of -11.5 standard plays during this season (49-55-5.5 for the standard 10% juice = -11.5).  The good news is that because the unofficial money line plays that I released were profitable and due to the fact that I successfully middled the Super Bowl, I incurred a net loss of only around 3.2 (-3.2) of a standard play this season.  While that certainly isn't anything to be happy about, incurring a net loss of only 3.2 standard plays in one of my worst seasons ever isn't too shabby.  And it is worth reminding everyone that I lost the vast majority (around 70%) of the toss up games this season, i.e. games that could have gone either way and where one fluky play determined which team covered the spread,  Had I won 50% of the toss up games this past season, I would have won around 54% of my official plays (sides and teasers) as well as still been profitable on my money line plays and still middled the Super Bowl.  Hence, I would have had a significantly profitable season (i.e. +11 to +12 of a standard play).
The other piece of good news is that during the 24 NFL seasons that I have handicapped the NFL (1998-2021), I have only had two losing seasons in a row ONCE (2004-2005).  Hence I almost always bounce back from a losing season by having a winning, profitable season during the subsequent year.  So I figure to bounce back next season with a winning, profitable season.  So remember to come back to my website and go with me next season, as the odds are in my favor that the 2022 NFL season will be a profitable one for me.


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