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Hey guys,

I went 6-2 on my client-released, official plays this past week (week 7) in the NFL.  Specifically, I went 3-2 on my side plays and 3-0 on my teaser picks (all the standard 2 teams, 6 points).  My side play wins were on Cleveland (on the Thursday night game), N.Y. Giants, and Las Vegas (which I added late during the late morning/early afternoon (depending on what time zone that you live in) on Sunday after the line had dropped to -2.  My side play losses were on Baltimore and San Francisco (on the Sunday night game).   My teaser wins were on NY Giants/Miami, NY Giants/New England, and Miami/New England.  As it turned out, I did not need the extra six points on any of the three teams that I teased, as they all covered the regular pointspread (hence they all would have won had I bet them all in 2 team parlays instead).  I personally bet Tampa Bay at Pinnacle at -11 -107 (I placed the bet on Friday night) but I did not release the play to my clients because Pinnacle was the only sportsbook that I saw where you could get Tampa Bay at -11 -110 or less (at every other sportsbook the best line that you could get Tampa Bay at was -11.5 -110 at any point during the week).  Since I do not think that any of my clients bet with Pinnacle (Pinnacle doesn't even take action from people living in the US) I did not release Tampa Bay as a play to my clients, as it was only a play at -11 or better.  This season there have been three games that were within 1/2 point of being a play that I didn't release (Cleveland in week 4, Baltimore in week 6, and Tampa Bay this week).  
And you guessed it, all three of those teams easily covered the spread.  So I guess that you can say that I am 3-0 on my strong opinions, a.k.a. near bets this season.

For the season I am now back in the black, as my picks have indeed been profitable (i.e. hit at 
a higher rate than the break even percentage of 52.38%).  I am now 22-19-1 (53.7%) on all of my plays so far this season, as I have gone 14-15 on my side plays and 8-4-1 on my teaser picks (all the standard 2 teams, 6 points).  Since the beginning of the 2006 NFL season (the year that I launched my current website) I have gone a documented 1008-807-59 (56%) on all of my plays.  Hence, nickel bettors who have bet on all of my plays since the beginning of the 2006 NFL season have made a net profit of $60,150 during the course of 15 1/3 NFL seasons.  This comes out to be an average of nearly $4000 per NFL season ($3923, to be exact).  Hence, the cost of my season package at the beginning of the season is less than 10% of the average net profit per season for nickel bettors, which is truly a bargain!  

For those of you who have not purchased one of my pick packages yet, you can do this by going to my website and clicking on "Register to BUY NOW" on the left-hand side of the home page.  This will take you to a page that will allow you to register to purchase plays by filling in your basic information.  You then click on "Press To Register".  After you are registered you can log into the premium side picks section of the website on the upper left-hand side using your email address as your username and the password that you chose when you registered.  After logging in you then select which one of my three pick packages that you want to purchase (weekly, monthly, or season).  You then make the purchase using a valid credit card or debit card.  The transaction is facilitated by PayPal, but you do not need to be a PayPal member
in order to make the purchase.  Right now the price for my weekly package is $29, for my monthly package (effectively 5 weeks) it is $99 (effectively $19.80/week), and it is $219 for 
my season package (all of my plays from week 7 through the Super Bowl).

As is standard for me, I will probably be releasing the bulk of my plays on Friday this week.  But there is a good chance that I will be releasing one or more plays before Friday (especially if I have a play that involves the Thursday night game, then I obviously definitely will) and/or after Friday.  So stay posted!

Steve "Cubby" Drumm - 

E-mail:, Landline Phone Number:  702-347-7860, Cell Phone:  773-936-7670

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