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I finally had a breakout week during week 14 which I was long overdue for.  I went 5-1 on my sides/straight plays, 3-0 on my teasers (2 teams, 6 points), and hence 8-1 overall.  My winning sides/straight plays were on Atlanta (on Thursday night), Dallas, Buffalo, Denver, and Miami (on Monday night) while my losing side/straight play was on Tampa Bay.  My winning teasers were on Carolina/Denver, Carolina/Philadelphia, and on Denver/Philadelphia.  Even with my spectacular performance during week 14, I am still having my worst NFL season ever (out of 20).  On the season I am now 34-46-4 (42.5%) overall, as I am 22-27-3 on my sides/straight plays and 12-19-1 on my teasers plays (almost all of which were 2 teams, 6 points).  I am hoping to get up to at least 46% by the time that the season is over with.

The good news is that I still have a very good long-term track record.  In fact I am now 809-633-45 (56.1%) on all of my plays since the beginning of the 2006 NFL season (the year that I launched my current website).  Very few NFL handicappers have a long-term winning percentage north of 56% over the span of nearly 1500 plays and 12 NFL seasons.  So despite my lackluster performance this season, I am still a very good NFL handicapper.

How many public NFL handicappers have won on 56-57% of their plays documented since the beginning of the 2006 season (on nearly 1500 picks)?  Not too many, that's for sure.  And the rare few that you might find almost inevitably will charge more for their picks than I do, which I keep very affordable.  Since 1999 I have had 13 winning seasons out of 18, with me hitting between 55% and 69% of my plays in 12 of my winning seasons while I hit on 46%-48% of my plays during my five losing seasons (48% three times, 47% once, 46% once).  I also hit on 51.2% of my plays during the 2013 NFL season.  I have proven that I am a long-term winner.  If you get my plays not only is it highly probable that you will make money, but in the long-run you'll almost certainly earn higher returns betting my NFL games than you will engaging in virtually any other investment!  And yes, that includes the stock market.  So do the smart thing and purchase one of my pick packages (weekly, monthly, seasonal) during the 2015 NFL season and start sharing in my substantial profits wagering on NFL games.  Having fun and making money at the same time.  You can not beat that!

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